Visual Therapy and Auditory Therapy

Visual therapy Colored lenses were popularized by autistic writer Donna Williams in her book Like Color To The Blind and went on to be extensively used by people with autism for the visual perceptual disorder of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. Visual rehabilitation as established by Melvin Kaplan and others makes use of prism lenses that warps the child’s mental picture, forcing him/her to use his/her focal vision more prolifically. Auditory therapy Auditory therapies center on teaching the child to use his/her sense of audible ranges more successfully in the course of techniques such as auditory incorporation education. This helps a great

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Occupational Therapies And Autism

Occupational Therapies And Autism This treatment for childhood autism involves trying to filter out the different sensory stimuli experienced by an autistic child in order for him or her to process the information better. This involves the use of different devices to help a child with autism focus one or more senses. Developmental neurologists have discovered that autistic children have a tendency to be hypo sensitive and/or hypersensitive to one or more than a few sensory stimuli, and that their gross and fine motor skills are more often than not impaired to unstable levels. Occupational therapists specialize in assisting individuals

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Panic Attacks Help

Panic Attacks Help Panic attack sufferers are thoroughly familiar with the shortness of breath, pounding heart, dizziness, and stomach issues that are associated with their anxiety. What an outsider might not understand is that panic attacks are a very private thing. The person who is suffering from them is typically worried about an irrational fear. In the depths of their soul they might know it is irrational but, that does not excuse them in fearing it. They typically feel shame about how far their fear has gone and how much it has affected their life. Because of this, a lot

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Social Phobia and Anxiety Disorders Explained In A Nutshell

Anxiety Disorders Social Phobia, by definition, is an anxiety disorder characterized by a strong, persistent fear of social or performance situations. The patient or sufferer, by way of his or her actions, worries (consistently) that he or she may become embarrassed or humiliated. Sadly, not a lot is known by either the medical community or even persons who have acquired the disorder about its existence. Social Phobia and Anxiety Disorders Explained In A NutshellClick To Tweet Before discussing other related disorders, it may be useful to the reader to attain knowledge of the symptoms associated with Social Phobia. They are

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Diƫten zonder offers

Diëten zonder offers Vele mensen zien diëten als een soort kosmische straf voor het niet hebben van een perfect lichaam. Ze geloven dat het genieten van eten op een of andere manier slecht voor ze is, iets wat niet verder van de waarheid ligt. Als je volledig eerlijk wilt zijn tegen jezelf als het om diëten gaat, gaat het niet om eten of smaak opgeven; het gaat om nieuw soort eten en smaken te ontdekken. Dat is het tenminste voor degenen die zowel van eten als van avontuur houden. Er zijn vele kruiden die zelfs het meest flauwe eten een

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